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  • What is a steam ID?
  • A steam ID is a unique identifier automatically assigned to each steam account. It has the form STEAM:x:x:xxx, where the x's represent numbers.
  • Why would anyone want to know their steam ID?
  • Steam IDs are useful as unique identifiers of players. Here are a few uses:
    • Admin Tools: Banning or handing out admin privileges.
    • Competitive Leagues: Many leagues require rosters to be complete with steam IDs.
    • Bragging rights: Older accounts have steam IDs with fewer digits.
  • Is it safe to give out my steam ID?
  • Absolutely, steam IDs (of the form STEAM_x:x:x) as well as profile IDs (7656119xxxxxxxxxx) are public by design. There is no value in knowing someone else's steam ID. What you may want to keep to yourself is your steam logon - the account you use to logon to Steam.
  • How is this better than the other steam ID retrieval methods?
  • Many of you may be aware that you can get your steam ID by launching a Source game, joining a server, opening up the developer console and typing status. First of all this takes time and will only work for your own steam ID. If for whatever reason you need someone else's steam ID this is your only choice.
  • Is any of the data logged?
  • No, there are no logs.
  • I can't find my steam ID!
  • Make sure that you aren't using your steam nickname or steam logon name. If you're putting in your community url and the wrong steam ID is being output, please message me.