Setting your steamcommunity custom URL

July 21, 2011

Just thought I’d share this since it’s not the most obvious thing, especially if you’re the kind of person that doesn’t really fiddle around with their profile a lot. I’d also like to be able link to my own site when people don’t know how do it.

  1. Open Steam or visit the steamcommunity website
  2. Go to the community tab
  3. In the small box to the top right of your screen click “Edit my Profile”
  4. Fill in your custom url

No guide is complete without pictures:

Hope that was of some help :)

Switching registrars

April 17, 2011

I’ve been using my host as a registrar and while it’s run pretty smooth I’ve found their domain support a bit subpar. I’m taking this opportunity to switch to NameCheap and that means that nameservers will have to be changed over. There may be some downtime in a couple of days as I need to change the host records as soon as the transfer goes through. Hopefully I’m at the computer when that happens.

Edit: Forget couple of days, transfer was done today. No downtime. Impressed with NameCheap thus far.

Undocumented feature (until now)

April 2, 2011

I’ve setup a short url that will make running queries much easier. Here’s how it works:

Additionally, if you feel like typing a ? instead of a / queries can be passed through a traditional querystring like The main website will also accept querystrings and it will not work without a ? since that’s too much of a pain to setup.

In all cases the query will be passed on and the lookup will proceed automatically. Just try it out!

Hello world!

March 30, 2011

Just finished making this theme from scratch! It took a while since I’ve never messed around with WordPress Themes before this. If you’re interested, I used this guide to get myself started and though I found the tutorial lacking in some aspects, the WordPress Codex more than made up for it.

I’ll be using this blog to post about planned features as well as another tool to gather feedback from users.